Initial consultation:


What’s this?

An individualised consultation where we have a relaxed discussion about your health and wellbeing goals and how I can best support you in work towards achieving these. I might also ask you some questions about your relevant health and medical history, your current lifestyle and/or your relationship with food and your body. We will finish the session by devising some strategies and a plan of action for moving closer towards your goals.




-Pre-consultation questionnaire (so that I can become familiar with yourself and your goals, before our session).

-60 minute face-to-face (Melbourne based) or online session.

-Lifestyle-based action plan and any other necessary resources (recipes, educational material etc.).

-Never-ending high fives and knuckle punches!






Follow-up consultation:


What’s this?

A review appointment where I ask you about how you’re travelling with implementing some of the strategies and ideas we discussed in the last session. You have free reign to ask me any and all questions, we can discuss the roadblocks and difficulties you have faced, and any tweaks, changes or new strategies that may assist in progressing further towards your goals.



-30 minute face-to-face (or online) session (extended consults available).

-Any additional resources required.

-Never-ending high fives and knuckle punches!





PLEASE NOTE: Medicare rebates (for patients on an EPC) are not available for online/Skype consultations.


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Pantry ‘party’:

Does you kitchen pantry resemble that of an abandoned grocer? Are you confused about which food products are helping versus hindering you from reaching your goals?


Do you need someone by your side to sift through the mayhem, help you decipher food labels, talk food staples and discuss some shopping and cooking strategies to ‘simplify the heck’ out of what to eat (which thanks to our mate ‘the internet’ has become bloody confusing!)


Then a pantry ‘partayyy’ is for you (and thankfully I have quite the love of sorting through pantries, though if try to get me to wash your dishes, I will back away slowly!).


I’ll come over, maybe have a cuppa, and then we will get stuck in, navigating your pantry and/or fridge to help you achieve some food sanity.


This session also fits perfectly with a shopping tour.



-90 minute discussion and organising session at your home (longer sessions can be arranged if needed)

-Shopping list template

-List of non-nonsense food staples and shopping tips to keep on hand

-Advice on food storage and safety





*(For residents outside metropolitan Melbourne – an extra charge for travel costs may need to be negotiated).




Shopping adventure:


What’s this?


We hit up your local supermarket, grocer or food store for a grand tour, and luckily for you I get my thrills from food shopping. I can walk you through what to look out for when choosing and comparing food products, how to interpret all the ‘gobbledygook’ on food labels and how to see beyond all those clever marketing claims (that try to convince you that ‘THIS FOOD WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE’…when in fact, it will not).




-60 min tour around your local store or supermarket (including help with food label reading and selection, advice on how to eat well on a budget and Q+A’s).


-Shopping list/meal planning template


Individual: $80

Groups: $50 per person (minimum of 3)


*(For residents outside metropolitan Melbourne – an extra charge for travel costs may need to be negotiated).


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Corporate and Group ‘Chinwags’ (a.k.a talks):


What’s this?


From workplaces, to schools and community groups, I can tailor an uplifting, motivating and fun session on food, nutrition and health to suit your audience’s needs and interests.

To be honest if you just when to get a bunch of your friends or the mums from school together, then that’s cool too.




Presentation preparation and delivery (and any other support materials needed – excluding audiovisual equipment, which must be provided on site if needed).




TBA (get in touch to discuss your needs).



Back-to-basics food knowledge and cooking workshops (individuals/groups):


What’s this?


Are you in need of something more practical and hands-on, where we talk food and/or get our hands dirty cooking up some, easy wholesome recipes and nibbling along the way? I can tailor a food and/or cooking workshop to suit your nutrition needs, skill level and taste preferences.


Simply get in touch to discuss your ideas further.



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Putting pen to paper (food and lifestyle writing and editorial):


I am available for food, nutrition and travel/lifestyle writing and photography work. If you and/or your publication would like to collaborate then please do get in touch!


Playing with food (recipe development, analysis and or photography)


Need some recipes developed and/or photographed? Assistance with menu planning and/or nutritional analysis?

Get in touch to discuss your project with me.


*You can also find my recipes, stories and photography  over on The Alimental Sage.


granola on tray close up


PLEASE NOTE: a personalised package can be arranged for those wanting to combine multiple services at the one time (eg. a shopping trip and a pantry session)


Lifestyle photos by Alessia Ferraro Photography