Pull up a chair….let’s chat. A few random facts about me. Now your turn?

10 Jul Pull up a chair….let’s chat. A few random facts about me. Now your turn?


So I’m in the middle of updating my ‘About’ page (not live yet) and planning the evolution of this blog and I thought I’d love for you to know me a little better AND for me to know you a WHOLE lot better!


So pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and let’s chat.


I’ll go first…





Here are a few things that you may/may not know about me:


1. I have a carrot-problem. It’s not life-threatening (hehe) but I love them so much that I’m often sporting an orange twinge.



2. I am fanatical about tea (it takes up most of my pantry). I did, however, fall in love with an almond milk latte the other day (my first coffee!). It didn’t, however, love me. Cue racing heart and uncontrollable energy. I think I’ll stick with tea for now! 


drinking tea


3. I don’t believe in detoxes or cleanses (our bodies are smart) and you’ll never find me sipping juices/smoothies for days on end because I’m a muncher! Yep, I love texture and crunch and prefer to chew my meals. Give me eggs and vegetables over a green smoothie for breakfast any day, but hey that’s just me!


4. I’m teaching myself to cook (getting better and bolder everyday) and although I can’t provide irrefutable scientific evidence I’m convinced that home-cooked food will never end up on your hips, and at the very least provides a sense of accomplishment ‘..gee I made that…’.


5. I’m about to begin the last semester of my nutrition degree and I am planning to go on to study a masters in nutrition/dietetics. However, I do eat full-fat dairy, use butter in cooking and eat dark chocolate almost every day. I think they will still let me graduate?!  


Choc beetroot muffins 

6. I am passionate about whole foods, and simplicity in food and life. My goal is to empower as many people as I can to take charge of their own health, through the learning and enjoyment of growing, preparing, cooking and sharing food. In other words mastering the BASICS- and falling in love with wholesome food.


veggie patch 

7. I don’t have perfect health. Despite my healthy, nutrient dense diet, I still suffer from unresolved hormonal and gastrointestinal issues. It’s a work in progress- we’re all human.


8. Moderation isn’t sexy but I truly believe it’s the key to long lasting health and longevity. I’ve slowly learnt to drop the ‘all or nothing’ mentality… “From Monday I will quit all sugar, not eat bread, stop snacking…etc…”


9. Sometimes I can’t be bothered either, but I compromise. If I don’t feel like going to the gym, I go for a long slow walk instead. If I’m too tired to cook a full dinner, I’ll steam some vegetables and top them with a can of salmon in olive oil. It takes 10 mins. In fact I eat this simply, a lot of the time.


10. I am SO not a runner, but I dabble with it here and there. Walking is my thing. I don’t have my license yet, but even when I do I think I will continue walking long and far. I find the simple act of walking brings such clarity. I always get my best ideas on foot.

You don’t want to see me do a push-up though…I have barely any upper body strength. Yep, I was the kid that couldn’t do the monkey bars. Thankfully it no longer scars me! 😉


portrait laughing 

11. I’m Mediterranean (Italian) by blood so don’t make me choose between coconut and olive oil (you know who will win). Food has always meant more than just physical sustenance. It’s an expression of love, a social pillar and made for sharing. Yep, I was destined to be a foodie.


12.  I’ve NEVER eaten a curry. You see, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy food but I’m building my tolerance slowly. I know, however, that curries do NOT have to be hot so I’m keen to resolve this STAT and experiment with a few recipes. Suggestions for mild/aromatic versions?


13. I’d rather buy crockery than shoes (I’m rubbish in high heels anyway). Yep, prop finding and food styling are my growing hobbies (an addiction…potentially). I’m also learning how to use a proper camera, so you can look forward to beautiful shots of food on the site. It’s time I gave the right side of my brain the attention that it deserves.


cutlery props


14. I’m itching and busting to travel abroad again. First stop…the UK (to work with Jamie Oliver of course!).


15. I am the world’s messiest cook. Recipe development brings serious carnage, but I do clean up after myself…I promise!


brownie mess



Now it’s YOUR turn. Leave a comment below introducing yourself.


Be as HONEST and/or BOLD as you like. I want to get to know you ALL really well.





  • http://www.thenudenutritionist.com.au The nude nutritionist

    Totally adorable and great to learn more about you!

    • Camilla

      Thanks Lyndi! I’d love for you to share a little bit about yourself…to keep sharing the love.

  • http://Website Mariam

    Love it! I’m still in year 12 and hoping to study nutrition and dietetics (via B science/applied science since its the only option in Sydney) . Ha I actually despise clothes shopping but try to get me out of a health food or grocery store! I’m long time coffee fiend but I’m turning into a tea lover, plus coffee is no longer agreeing with me – but I do love a long black several times a week! I too hadn’t tried a curry until a few months ago and I’m telling you I’m angry at myself for not trying it sooner. Go for a mild chicken tikka, it’s soo yummy! I’m also a bit of a crazy cat lady though I adore ALL animals!

    • Camilla

      Oh wow Year 12…such a big, amazing year. Good luck with all your studies AND glad to hear I’m not the only one who prefers food to clothes haha. I’m sure you’ll be a superstar dietitian/nutritionist. Thank-you so much for sharing!

  • http://www.acupofococonut.com Tori

    Hi Camilla!

    I only stumbled across your blog recently (possibly through reading applesundermybed,which is just gorgeous) but it’s been such a treat to find. Like yourself, I’m a third year nutrition student, and I’m studying a double science degree in nutrition and health promotion. It’s been so enjoyable to read your posts and stories, seeing as we are following similar pathways.

    I’ve only just started my own blog (I literally published my first post last night!) so its a bit serendipitous that you posted about getting to know your readers today, as it’s a great chance to say hi and introduce myself!

    I was born in Perth but I’ve studied and lived in the US (Seattle) and the UK (Oxford). It was in England that I met my lovely Greek boyfriend, who now lives with me here in Australia. We eat well (butter included!), with Mediterranean style food a big feature in our day to day cooking. Olive oil, feta, tomatoes…what could be better?!

    Thanks for sharing, it was lovely to learn a bit more about you. Keep up the great posts, they are always an enjoyable read!


    (p.s I’m so looking forward to learning to take great photos!)

    • Tori

      oops bit of a typo in my website! its actually http://www.acupofcoconut.com

    • Camilla

      Oh wow Tori love hearing about your travels…dream of visiting Oxford one day! We are definitely on similar pathways and I’m looking forward to checking out your website. I’m also a huge lover of Heidi work on apples under my bed (so that is probably where your saw me! haha)…here’s to more meals involving olive oil, tomatoes and cheese! Thanks for sharing Tori!

  • NameLaura

    Hello… I’m so glad that I found your blog, and just after I found your blog, you post this. I’m in my second year at uni, studying science and i’m jealous that you’re about to start your masters!

    • Camilla

      Hi Laura, so glad we found each other. Let me assure you that I did quite a few years of science too…but you’ll be surprised how quickly they fly! Hang in there. X

  • http://wellofnourishment.com Kate

    Hey Camilla!

    I loved reading this post and so many of your points resonated with me! I first stumbled upon your Instagram, and now your blog, both of which I adore. I had to laugh at your first point as it was just the other day that someone pointed out that my hands have an orange-y glow to them…yep, my love of carrots & pumpkin are to blame!! I am a tea enthusiast too, give me that over coffee any day! Through my own health journey, which by the sounds of it is very similar to yours (depriving myself of food, periods of self-doubt/loathing etc.), lead me to discover a love of health, nutrition and wholefoods. I am not a fan of labels (paleo, vegan etc) as I’d rather focus on eating real, wholefoods and making these accessible to everyone. While I am committed to a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious foods, I too face hormonal issues and gastrointestinal problems). I am about to start a course to become a certified health coach (after just completing a degree in business and behavioural science) as I really want to pursue my passion for health and nutrition 🙂 Oh, and while I love love love to cook and get creative in the kitchen, I am so so messy! Much to mums dislike! However I always clean up too which is what counts right?!

    It’s so lovely to learn a bit more about you and I look forward to seeing your blog updates 🙂

    Kate x

    • Camilla

      Hi Kate, thanks for the kind comment- it certainly seems we are very similar in more than one aspect haha! My theory is that messy tastes yummier too AND cleaning up certainly does COUNT in my books. Good luck with your health coach studies. Cx