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Hi there, I’m Camilla and I love food.


I love food so much, that I have dedicated five years to formally studying food and nutrition (Bachelor of Human Nutrition/ Masters Dietetic Practice) at university, in addition to the billions of informal hours I spend talking about, cooking, eating and enjoying food.


I own more cookbooks then pairs of shoes, and get a thrill out of food shopping (it can be fun I promise!), preferring to traipse around farmer’s markets, over late night partying… anyday (it’s the inner nanna in me!).


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My approach to food and nutrition is to get back-to-basics and use real, whole foods to achieve and maintain optimal health and happiness. I am not into diets, calorie counting or prescriptive meal plans of any kind. Nutrition and health are definitely not one-size-fits-all topics, and I am a big believer in bio-individuality – eating and moving in a way that best suits YOUR body and lifestyle; an advocate for intuitive eating and practicing a non-diet approach to health.


I also feel that possessing basic cooking skills and knowledge about food preparation and seasonality are fundamental life skills, and work to help clients in rekindling their connection with food. Where does it come from? How is it produced? What does it contain? Rather than focusing solely on product convenience or fancy nutrition claims, as clever food marketing would have us believe is king. Believe me, I too have been sucked in, but there is never a quick fix when it comes to our health.


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It’s all about small, sustainable changes…and becoming more mindful of our actions, rather than obsessive. A gentle approach to nutrition.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the copious amounts of conflicting nutrition information and/or are in need of some advice and support when it comes to cooking, eating and your health, then I would love to help.


Do get in touch and take a squiz at my current service offerings.



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A little more about me…


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-You’ll find me fussing with recipes, snapping and styling food and talking about all things food, cooking and travel over at The Alimental Sage.


-I am based in Melbourne, Australia and I am told we do coffee and food well. I tend to agree, although have only just jumped onto to the coffee bandwagon (update: now hooked – good coffee is life!)


-I come from a long line of food-loving, hand-gesturing, loud-mouthed Italians. Not loving food was not an option!


-I have a healthy (okay it’s a little strange) fascination with gut health and ain’t afraid to talk about stool size and shape and bowel behaviours (in detail!).


-I eat cake (often for breakfast!), salivate over cultured butter, crave dark chocolate brownies and adore sourdough bread. Trust me I’m not just some carrot-stick-munching, green juice guzzling nutritionist nazi woman (okay I do like carrots)…but it’s all about moderation in my books. Unless we are talking about tahini or peanut butter…then all bets are off!


-My heart yearns to travel… first and foremost, to eat, work, live (and you know stalk Jamie Oliver) in the UK (currently my no.1 destination).

 p.s Only joking about the stalking bit…though J.O is a big inspiration and I’m also a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day Ambassador!

Update: recently returned from my latest trip to the UK and did in fact come close to running into Jamie (literally!) whilst stalking one of his restaurants.



Photos by Alessia Ferraro Photography